Toni Cameron

Toni Cameron, Director of Professional Development “The master coaches at Metamorphosis Teaching Learning Communities have been using bead strings in our work with NYC teachers. We have found this model is invaluable for a number of reasons. First, in early childhood, the bead string grouped in fives, has helped students understand place value big ideas.…

Jeanine Crockett

Jeanine Crockett is a First Grade / Lead Math Teacher in Naperville, IL “I have witnessed a significant increase in the understanding of number relationships and their ability to problem solve since using the MathRack in my class.”

Christina Tondevold

Christina Tondevold is a Math Consultant and author of the book “Mastering the MathRack”. “With the MathRack, children can model and solve problems the same as they would with other manipulatives, but the build-in structure of the MathRack allows children the flexibility to develop more advanced strategies. I’ve seen the number sense that children…

Catherine Fosnot

“MathRacks support children to move away from counting by ones, towards the use of strategies like doubles, addition, subtraction and making tens—a great way to help automatize the basic facts!”

The MathRack Story

Like so many other stories, ours also starts in a garage. Our four hundred square foot garage was a little different from most. We hadn’t had a car in ours in probably five years. We did, however, have a lot of quality wood working equipment. It was 2005, unfortunately for me, the company that I…