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Building Fluency with + – Facts from The Learning Exchange (1) on Vimeo.

Who we are…

MathRack is a Sole Source Vendor dedicated to producing the highest quality math educational and instructional products for young children.

What we do…

MathRack products are teaching tools designed to support and stretch primary student’s mathematical thinking strategies and in turn their understanding of number sense, addition, subtraction and problem solving.


Our products are designed to enhance understanding AND reinforce higher level counting strategies. MathRack products support invented strategies of children using moveable objects and are
Aligned with Common Core State Standards and TEKs. MathRack products are also
made in the USA!

A quick demonstration…


We know your time is valuable and would like to provide you with a fast 1 minute overview of our products and their applications. Please click on the link above to begin the video.


Click Here to Try it Online!


What products and services do we offer…

MathRack offers a wide variety of products including Framed and Frameless demonstration and student models, Bead-Strings, In-Service Training and an instructional guide for teachers “Mastering the MathRack”…just to name a few.


For a complete list of products and services, please review our order form. If you have any questions…we’re just a phone call away…630-682-0000.


Thank you for visiting our website and for your business!


Best Regards,