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A MathRack (rekenrek) is a math manipulative tool used to develop number sense and support basic arithmetic skills, particularly in early childhood education. It consists of a frame with multiple rows of 5 red and 5 white beads that can slide back and forth to demonstrate relationships and strategies.

A MathRack (rekenrek) is used to visually represent numbers and operations. Students can move the beads along the rows to count, add, subtract, and understand number relationships through hands-on manipulation.

Using a MathRack (rekenrek) can help students develop a deep understanding of number concepts, such as addition, subtraction, counting, and place value. It promotes visual and kinesthetic learning, making abstract math concepts more concrete.

MathRacks (rekenreks) are often used in early childhood education, from preschool to early elementary grades. However, they can be beneficial for any student who needs additional support in understanding basic arithmetic concepts.

Yes, a Mathrack (rekenrek) can also be used to explore concepts such as multiplication, division, patterns, and even fractions. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool across various math topics.

Yes, there are different sizes and variations of MathRack (rekenreks) available to suit different age groups and teaching needs. MathRack provides student and magnetic teacher models. MathRack has differentiated the MathRack for our earliest mathematicians.   MathRack 5, MathRack 10, MathRack 20 are a developmentally progression of learning automaticity.

You can integrate a MathRack (rekenrek) into your teaching practice by incorporating it into math lessons, small group activities, math centers, or even individual practice sessions. Start with simple activities and gradually increase the complexity as students become more familiar with using the tool. ALL curriculums encompass automaticity of facts through understanding and the MathRack (rekenrek) is the most efficient mathematical tool to use.

MathRacks (rekenreks) can be purchased from MathRack at   They are available in various sizes, designs, and price ranges to suit different preferences and budgets.

Yes, you can make your own MathRack (rekenrek) using simple materials such as cardboard, pipe cleaners, and red and white pony beads. There are many DIY tutorials available online that provide stepby-step instructions for creating your own MathRack (rekenrek).

Parents can support their child's learning with a MathRack (rekenrek) at home by engaging in hands-on math activities together, such as counting, adding, and subtracting using the MathRack (rekenrek). They can also encourage their child to explain their thinking and problem-solving strategies aloud while using the tool. MathRack Activity Cards are also available on



As an educator, incorporating the MathRack (rekenrek) into my teaching arsenal has been nothing short of transformative. This simple yet powerful tool has become a cornerstone in fostering deep mathematical understanding among my students.

First and foremost, the MathRack (rekenrek) offers a tangible representation of abstract mathematical concepts. For young learners especially, seeing and manipulating physical objects can make all the difference in grasping fundamental ideas like addition, subtraction, and even more complex operations like multiplication and division.

Moreover, the MathRack (rekenrek) lends itself beautifully to differentiation. Its versatility allows me to tailor activities to meet the diverse needs of my students. Whether it's providing extra support for struggling learners or offering engaging challenges for those who are ready to delve deeper, the MathRack (rekenrek) adapts effortlessly to any instructional context.

But perhaps what I appreciate most about the MathRack (rekenrek) is its ability to foster mathematical discourse. By encouraging students to verbalize their thought processes as they manipulate the beads, I'm not just facilitating learning—I'm cultivating a classroom culture where mathematical reasoning is celebrated and shared.

Incorporating the MathRack (rekenrek) into my teaching practice has not only enhanced my students' mathematical proficiency but also ignited their curiosity and confidence in exploring the world of numbers. It's not just a tool; it's a catalyst for mathematical discovery and a symbol of the endless possibilities that await within the realm of mathematics.

Lynn Rule

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