Professional Speaker and MathRack Teacher

CHRISTINA TONDEVOLD is an outstanding teacher who is well known for her fun, highly practical and engaging seminars chockfull of the best, new mathematics and technology resources that teachers can use immediately to teach mathematics in their own classrooms.
Christina has taught math for years to students – and their teachers – in grades K‐8 and she has been involved in training teachers in the big ideas of K-8 mathematics and current technology that is easy to understand and powerful to use in ways that fully engage students and significantly boost their achievement in mathematics.
Through her work with elementary students, Christina knows that a child’s belief about their mathematical abilities starts early. Her goal is to help young children see themselves as enthusiastic, budding mathematicians. Christina knows it is possible to break the old destructive cycle that it is acceptable to not like mathematics. Using a student-centered approach to teaching mathematics ensures that students will be enthusiastic about math and significantly increase their math understanding and achievement. Christina wants to break the cycle that it is acceptable to be bad at math and help all children become Mathematically Minded. If you want Christina to help your staff in their quest to increase student achievement in mathematics, please visit her website to learn about workshops and resources for teachers.