Excellent Quality!—Thrilled with my purchase! Very well made and perfect for my students! I work with K-5 students and provide math intervention. I am amazed at how helpful the Rekenreks are. I debated about making my own. I’ve seen ways to make them with pipe cleaners and beads. I also saw other versions for sale on Amazon. But this came highly recommended by Build Math Minds, a math learning community to which I belong. When I received my set of 7 Rekenreks, I was impressed with how well made they are. I’m considering buying the large one for teachers or ones with more rows for my older students. Well worth the investment for this Rekenrek version. Oh, and did I mention there was even a little baggie of Hershey kisses inside the box when my package was delivered? What a sweet gesture (pun intended) from this company!