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Excellent Quality!—Thrilled with my purchase!  Very well made and perfect for my students! I work with K-5 students and provide math intervention.  I am amazed at how helpful the Rekenreks are.  I debated about making my own.  I’ve seen ways to make them with pipe cleaners and beads.  I also saw other versions for sale on Amazon.  But this came highly recommended by Build Math Minds, a math learning community to which I belong.  When I received my set of 7 Rekenreks, I was impressed with how well made they are.  I’m considering buying the large one for teachers or ones with more rows for my older students.  Well worth the investment for this Rekenrek version. Oh, and did I mention there was even a little baggie of Hershey kisses inside the box when my package was delivered? What a sweet gesture (pun intended) from this company!


MathRacks proved to be a powerful model for students to relate addition and subtraction while engaging in a partner task. It was really exciting to create a rich reasoning task for kids to relate addition and subtraction. With repeated practice, we think this task will really help with subtraction fluency.

Lisa Draugelis


Absolutely loved having the 5 count math racks and the 10 count ones this year! The kids really needed them at the start of the year and a few still do!  Thanks for such a wonderful product!

Allison Whalen

1st Grade Teacher

“The MathRack Caddy is extremely helpful in keeping my math racks organized. It’s easier to carry and my racks stay protected and safe when I’m not using them. A great tool that will allow me to use my math racks for many years to come.”

Kathy Duarte

1st grade teacher

“The MathRack Caddy is a very useful holder for our mathracks. It is easy to store and access when we are using our mathracks for our math units. It also keeps them secured, so they do not get damaged. Great Job!”

Toni Cameron

Toni Cameron, Director of Professional Development

“The master coaches at Metamorphosis Teaching Learning Communities have been using bead strings in our work with NYC teachers. We have found this model is invaluable for a number of reasons. First, in early childhood, the bead string grouped in fives, has helped students understand place value big ideas. It has also supported the development of computational fluency in addition and subtraction, one of the mainstays of the CCMSS. Second, we have found that the multiplication bead strings have helped students develop key structural ideas (e.g., the idea of equal groups, ratio [two groups of five equals one group of 10], and the connection between multiplication and division) in multiplication and division. We highly recommend these products to anyone who is interested in supporting the development of student thinking in mathematics.”

Jeanine Crockett

Jeanine Crockett is a First Grade / Lead Math Teacher in Naperville, IL

“I have witnessed a significant increase in the understanding of number relationships and their ability to problem solve since using the MathRack in my class.”

Christina Tondevold

Christina Tondevold is a Math Consultant and author of the book “Mastering the MathRack”.

“With the MathRack, children can model and solve problems the same as they would with other manipulatives, but the build-in structure of the MathRack allows children the flexibility to develop more advanced strategies. I’ve seen the number sense that children develop as they work with the MathRack; it is powerful and helps them as they progress through higher levels in mathematics.”

Catherine Fosnot

“MathRacks support children to move away from counting by ones, towards the use of strategies like doubles, addition, subtraction and making tens—a great way to help automatize the basic facts!”