• Big Ideas of K-6 Mathematics
  • Early Intervention
  • How to Develop Fact Fluency
  • Changing Your Mathematics Instruction Without Changing Your Textbook
  • Powerful Tools Build Powerful Mathematicians
  • Using the MathRack to Build Number Sense

Each of these workshops can be given as a one-time session. However, we believe (and research shows) that to change the way mathematics is taught in your school you need sustainable professional development that will not fade once the workshop is over.

High-quality PD programs both model and explicitly discuss methods of good practice (such as inquiry-based methods in science) and provide teachers with active learning opportunities. These programs aim to build teachers’ content knowledge and pedagogical skills. Finally, they are intensive, sustained over time to allow for integration of new knowledge into practice, and include follow-up support. While PD designed according to these principles does not guarantee that participating teachers will use what they learn to change their practice, it increases the likelihood that they will. ( Weiss & Pasley, 2006)

Our preferred format is to start the year off with a full one or two day workshop. Then throughout the year we will return to your school once each quarter to observe mathematics lessons during the day and do a 3-hour workshop after school. However, email us the needs of your school/district and we can design a format that will work for you. Whatever format you prefer, we ask that all educational staff be involved in the professional development if possible; teachers, administrators, and instructional assistants need to be on the same page to get the largest impact for your students.